Lori L Lorenz

Draw on Anything

VISCOM Sketchnotes Tip – Draw on Anything

Sketchnote skills work anywhere at any time with what is on-hand.  Whiteboards, notebooks, sticky notes, name tags, etc. are the usual.  What else is there?

Have you ever tried…

  1. Sidewalk Chalk.  Great for a public temporary message on concrete, pavement, matte finish surfaces.
  2. Refrigerator Magnets.  Draw on something then put a magnet on the back.
  3. Napkins.  If you do this a lot, invest in better napkins. Ballpoint pens don’t bleed as much as permanent markers on napkins.
  4. Envelopes. Not just for shopping lists anymore.  Add art to make it special before you mail it.
  5. Gift Wrap.  Doll it up!  Add art to plain gift wrap to send a special message with the present.
  6. Brown Paper Bags. Accessorize your lunch or repurpose it for wrapping paper.
  7. Bottles.  Make it your own.  Rember to mark the cap too.
  8. Red Drink Cups. Spot yours in a crowd!  Keep a black permanent marker handy at a party and add art for your friends’ cups too.
  9. Tennis Shoes.  Add fun to your shoes.  Be sure to use permanent ink that won’t wash out with water.  This works on any clothing too.
  10. Windows or Glass. Paint and opaque ink come off easily with a razor blade.  Grease pencil works well on mason jars and other shiny surfaces.

Add more places to sketch…

  1. Mini Whiteboard. Keep in your backpack to practice drawing before using ink on your sketchbook.
  2. Whiteboard Desk.  Cover your desk or kitchen table with a sheet of Melamine from the construction supply store.
  3. Whiteboard on Wheels. Take your whiteboard on a walk to the next meeting or event.
  4. 5×7 Sticky Notes.  Upsize your sticky notes to the largest size.  5×7 with a quadrille grid or blank surface gives you room to draw more.
  5. Pocket Sketchbook.  The smallest sketchbooks will fit into a pocket or bag to take along on your adventures.

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